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Bhiksha is an ancient Indian tradition as per which ascetics and sadhus go door to door, asking for food and alms from people. The meaning of bhiksha is different from begging, since the ascetics who ask for it do it not because of the reason that they dislike working. Infact, as per Indian spirituality, it is believed that one can attain salvation only when his soul is totally absolved of ego. The concept of bhiksha plays a crucial role here and was, thus, coined for those sadhus or ascetics who had just initiated their spiritual journey.

Asking for Bhiksha meant one had to approach strangers for and ask them for alms. Even though giving alms is an Indian custom(Hindu Dharma), many people disrespectfully turn away the sadhus/ascetics. This is just a training period for the ascetics, who are taught not to take offence to such behavior, but instead endure it smilingly thinking it to be the will of God. The social and political milieu has changed drastically in India now, yet the concept of asking and giving bhiksha is still alive and strong.

Sunday lunch Bhiksha at our mission is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your family, friends and get to know one another better for not only the adults, for children as well.

We have had an overwhelming response to our Sunday lunch Bhiksha and all the slots for this semester are taken care of. For any reason you were not able to sponsor the bhiksha for this semester and would like to sponsor, please contact Mrs. Asha Shetty.

Here are the sponsors for this semester - Jan 2012 - May 2012

Dates Sponsoring Family    

13th Jan

20th Jan

27th Jan

3rd Feb

10th Feb

17th Feb

24th Feb

3rd Mar

10th Mar

31st Mar

Tayal Family

Shetty Family

Mayuri Patel & Family

Neha & Jignesh Patel

Dr. Shoba Podilla

Domadia Family

Satyajith Family

Pravina Patel & Family

Priti Patel

Rina Patel & Family

7th Apr

14th Apr

21st Apr

28th Apr

5th May

12th May

19th May

Dr. Jay Misra

Narayan Family

Mahtabfar Family


Sangeetha-Sai Family

Muthyala Family


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